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Hi guys my name is Jenifer and I am a trauma informed leadership and business Coach. One of the profound insights gained from tonight's class is the strategic nature of marketing. It's not a haphazard endeavor but a meticulously orchestrated system, and the global marketing system operates seamlessly. The journey begins by assembling your crowd or identifying your avatar and delving into a comprehensive understanding of them. The second step involves leveraging social media to unearth the pain points, needs, desires, and nightly concerns of your market through intentional posts.

With this invaluable information in hand, the third step is to construct a website that precisely caters to the needs of your clients, ensuring seamless accessibility and communication channels. Building a relationship follows suit, recognizing that it takes seven to 22 touch points for a purchase decision. Communication is key at this stage, employing strategies like email marketing and value addition to foster connections.

Moving forward, the subsequent stage involves acquiring clients or customers. This is achieved by streamlining landing pages, sales pages, and email marketing campaigns through automation, simplifying the communication process. Finally, the last stage revolves around elevating your results through strategic advertising.

In essence, marketing is a well-thought-out strategy. For the establishment and growth of a business, a comprehensive marketing strategy is not just beneficial but crucial.

Global Marketer
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Global Marketer
Global Marketer
Dec 15, 2023

Legend, Jennifer 😍

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