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My last topic is a Carousel and the creative is -Top 5 tips to ensure you get the best value on a Luxury Cruise

this text is what would go in the post

  1. Speak with a luxury cruise advisor - We know most people start researching their travels and before too long, they become very overwhelmed by the ever expanding cruises/cruise lines on offer, that’s why you need to collaborate with your luxury travel advisor to ensure you get exactly what you want and what is most important to you ! Remember a luxury cruise advisor loves cruising as much as you do!

  2. Book early or in Wave Season – They say the early bird catches the worm, this is true for booking a cruise too, book well in advance, so you can choose the particular suite you are after, and take advantage of launch offers, whilst also bearing in mind the premium suites go first and often new itineraries sell out very quickly too!

  3. Explore ‘Beyond the Cruise’ - Consider all inclusive packages and/ or extended stay packages- knowing what is important to you, can help determine what type of cruise may be best for you! Many luxury cruise often include pre or post land packages in their deals or may have shore excursions, premium beverages, gratuities etc included and usually end up being better value!

  4. Choose the most appropriate accommodation- not all cabins or staterooms are the same – look into location of rooms/ what inclusions they offer, small ship cruise lines will often offer free pre cruise accommodation or a butler service when you book in a certain type of cabin.

  5. Pre book must do’s- Anything that is a must do for you on your luxury cruise, such as shore excursions or specialty restaurants, make sure you pre book ahead of departing, as its most likely if you are wanting to experience these, your fellow cruisers probably want too as well!!

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