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Sue, a woman who is navigating a major change of life phase, change in identity

1. Geographic Location: Australia

2. Demographics:

- 45 years old

- Female

- Middle manager

3. Buying behaviour: Complex

- LinkedIn articles

- FB posts

- Webinars

4. Psychographics:

- External motivation: Way to handle change; self help videos;

- Internal motivation: Loss of identity; time ticking away; uncertainty

- External objections: Price, time

- Internal objections: Worthiness, unknown process, out of comfort zone

Global Marketer
Annette Bacon
Global Marketer
Global Marketer
15 dic 2023

Annie!!! Congratulations on putting this all together and bringing clarity to the avatar whom you are talking to and serving. I know how much time and effort it takes to bring this all together so GO YOU for your commitment, determination and doing what it takes!

Mi piace
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