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MY AVATAR BRIEF – Annette Bacon








Mid-career leader


City of Rockingham WA, WA, Australia


Married /Partnered, kids

Buying Behaviour

Complex buying behaviour

Three Strategies to reach them

1. Local Business / women networks

2. SM – LinkedIn, IG, YT, Podcasts

3. Conferences / events

Psychographic – Three External Motivations

1. Burn – out, need to manage stress / conflict resolution skill

2. Frustrated with gender inequality – just want to be herself at work

3. Frustrated with toxic / bullying, sexual harassment / discrimination work culture

4. Having high performing teams

Psychographic – Three Internal Motivations

1. To be accepted for her authentic self

2. Impostor Syndrome

3. Balancing work / family / friends / community – don’t want to be seen as failing in anything

Psychographic – Three External Objections

1. Time – balancing multiple roles / competing priorities

2. Not ok / comfortable with putting self-first above others

3. Fear of judgement / criticism

Psychographic – Three Internal Objections

1. Tribal Cycle /enmeshment

2. Fixed mindset not growth mindset

3. Self-doubt, fear won’t attain career / life goals

Global Marketer
Mai Nguyen
Global Marketer
Global Marketer
Dec 15, 2023

Lovely to meet Debbie :)

Well done for diving deep into who your avatar is! Can't wait to see more of you and Debbie doing great work together

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