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Hi everyone, This is my Social Media project, 1.04 - below for feedback. I have downloaded the files, but not sure how to download the posts from Canva to post here - should I post my posts below in comments?

I have added my attempt at creating a carousel for my business, as I put my new skills from Canva into practice as one the three carousels to create - including my initial attempt and the revised one. I would love feedback there to - thanks.

I have loved this project as it has really started to put social media in the theory / strategy, into templates, into execution and then practice.

Thanks and I look forward to reading your feedback.

1.04 Social Media Project ANNETTE BACON
Download PDF

GMI DMPC104 Social Media Professional Project_Annette Bacon
Download MP4


LOVE this, Annette💖💙💚. You inspired me to complete mine😍

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