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Global Marketer Institute (GMI) is recognised by Executive Education Association, the global professional body for leading educators in marketing, speaking, business, leadership, and innovation.

Our vision is to help you maximise your potential and create exponential success as a digital marketer. Our mission is to pioneer data-driven digital marketing education with practical real-world application and proven real-time results, which means you'll graduate with not only the strategic knowledge for success but also a portfolio of practical experience from award-winning marketers and industry leaders.


After decades of building multi-million dollar businesses, empowering award-winning teams, and educating leading professionals, executives and business owners globally, our deepest hope is to share with you this wealth of experience and expertise to help you achieve your dream career, build your dream business, and live your dream lifestyle as a successful global marketer.

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Elysium Nguyen


Starting her first business at 15, today Elysium has trained, mentored and empowered thousands of marketers and business owners across Australia, Asia, Europe and America.


After a decade-long career in marketing, branding, business and leadership, building and mentoring award-winning teams, pioneering record-breaking digital marketing results, managing thousands of successful campaigns, and systemising zero-to-million dollar launches, Elysium founded Global Marketer Institute in 2020 to share the strategies and systems behind their success with more people on a global scale.


From growing businesses from $0 to $1M in 12 months, to launching a 6-city 3-continent world tour in 6 weeks, to helping businesses successfully pivot online in less than 4 days during the pandemic. . . These are the proven real-world experience and expertise you'll learn inside Global Marketer's courses, trainings, and certifications.

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