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Hi everyone, I am coming back. Here is my website done .

Team, could you please send me again the web template? and do you mind help me to change from to ccholisticcoaching

Jodee Sinclair

Hi everyone,

not sure if I'm the only one but I can't join the class, the zoom link comes up as invalid.

Does anyone have the correct link please?

Thank you 😍

Thank you so much Elke for that response.

Ok here is curly one. Does anyone know how to set up the "Radio Button's" with the appropriate email.

For instance when someone selects,

  1. My e-book how do I set up an email with the e-book in it.

Hello and GGOOOOOOOODDD morning GMIer's (mmm that sounds so much better in my head 🤔)

Ok question time, I have had an AWESOME opportunity to have GLAM review my webpage 😯.

Now that I have published it every time I open my "LIVE" version it opens "it, the webpage" opens on the "About Wayne" page and I have no idea how to get it to open up on the "Home" page, which is where my "lead magnets" are.

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