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NAME: Goerge



35 – 40-year-old male

Holds a professional job which has its pressure.

Moving up in the company

Not knowing who they are and feeling as though they are living someone else’s life because they have no idea what they are really doing.


Through Facebook Instagram and LinkedIn due to the fact they are scrolling in their spare time

Business meetings

Free webinars


External Motivation;

Family pressure to change attitude

Job performance

Seeing other men being coached

Time to do what they want

External Objections;

Lack of time

Lack of money

Are you kidding me what will the boys think

Internal Motivation;

I want to change my attitude

I do actually need help

I hate felling like this all the time

Purpose what purpose

Internal Objection;


I don’t need help

I’m weak

Global Marketer
Global Marketer
Global Marketer
Dec 15, 2023

Well done Wayne 😍

There are lots of Goerges out there waiting to meet our superstar - Wayne! You're a leader in this space and such an inspiration!!!

You keep rocking, Goerge is so ready to start working with you!!

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