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Name: John and Sue

Geographic: Australia

Demographic: 45 - 65year old Male and Female

Behaviour: Hang out at art/music/book clubs; Restaurant cafe's; markets; social media platforms FB and IG; walking groups, Gyms & swim clubs; work gatherings.

They like to stay socially connected, pride in family connection.

Dimension Buying Behaviour: Complex Buying


External Motivation - Stay socially connected after retirement.

Internal Motivation - Who am I? What am I without my job.

External Objection - Social stigma of not having it together.

Internal Motivation - Fears of not fulfilling personal life goals.

Global Marketer
Global Marketer
Global Marketer
Dec 15, 2023

Thanks for sharing, Melissa! Go you for the massive steps you've already taken and the incredible ones that lay ahead 💖

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